Senin, 28 Februari 2011

Enjoying The Journey

I'd like to introduce you to Luma, a dear dear friend of mine.

Luma has an inspirational blog, 'The Soul Dad', which is a delightful collection of his writing - his poems, his daily journal and coursework from the book that he is writing. Luma, his beautiful wife, Inger, and their 2 gorgeous children have been such wonderful friends to me and my boys. He has helped me, and others close to me, transform our lives. Luma inspires me daily to 'enjoy the journey' and 'live in the now', being present in every moment. His blog is so insightful, calming and creative. It really is soul food. I would love you to visit Luma. I would love to share you, my blog friends, with him. HERE.
Say hi from me!

Minggu, 27 Februari 2011

Good Things

Image Courtesy Betty Broccoli. Tumblr

Ok, so I am all fired up after my workshop yesterday.

First thing I did, when I walked in the door, was sit my boys down and say, "please tell me now if there is anything that I am doing as a mother that you feel would lead you to need therapy when you're beautiful young men". Big one took it seriously and launched into a dialogue of how I am a great Mum as I let him go to the last school dance (where 6 girls kissed him... I know.. so forward... "but Mum they kissed me"... 13 years of age.. I was still playing with Barbies and boys had severe germs when I was 13). Little one just looked at me and blinked. This is the one who took great offence at me stating "I don't know anything" when helping big one with his homework the other day.. "but Mum, you know EVERYTHING". Good, he's still in the 'Mum can do no wrong stage'. Big one thinks I'm cool... so we're travelling well.

It was so good to get back to basics and also surround myself with beautiful people who also want to grow and love more. It was good... I cried buckets, not just for me but for the pain that others have had to endure in their lives. Oh, the destructive behaviours passed down from generation to generation. We all have so much in common, us humans. We are not alone in our problems or fears. I came out into the sunshine yesterday feeling strong.... and grateful.

So this morning, inspired by Martha's concept of a "Good Things" list (although hers is all about stuffed turkey burgers and dishwashing liquid bottles)...  I felt compelled to create a list of 10 good things in my life. Just off the top of my head... this is what came to mind. Would love to hear yours too!

A-M's List of Good Things

My boys
My family and friends
Good health
A hot shower
A warm bed
Cold water to quench a thirst
A view
Being needed

Happy Monday!

Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

Sunday Morning

Thought I'd take you on my walk with me this morning (I walk on the weekends... more serene, not as fierce) to see how our suburb is progressing after the floods.

Beautiful Orleigh Park is on the mend. The river went up way over those light posts.
It is still hard to fathom the volume of water that went through this place.

You might want to listen to this, while you walk with me.
The original TOTP 1978 version.
My big boy is learning this on the piano.
Gives me goosebumps hearing him play it.

West End Ferry Terminal and Bus Depot. The damage was so unbelievable.
The water exposed all the old tram tracks (from the 1960's, buried under the road) and completely washed the road away.

The twisted wreckage which was the ferry pontoon.....

.... has been removed. The ferries just cruise past now. No stopping here.

This is where James used to sell the 'Big Issue' for a living. 
The whole terminal was completely submerged and is still full of mud and sludge....

... and the river made it's way up to the second level of those yellow apartments in the background. 
They are deserted now.

Still reminders... every street, people are still hauling out damaged fittings....

.... and stuff...

.... or selling up their riverfront properties.

Still grateful....

... and working out ways to still be in business.

Life goes on.. but it takes time. 

Everything is on the mend though..... including me :)

Speaking of mending... I am off to a personal development workshop today.
Yep, a total PD junkie now... like a reformed smoker I guess. 

It's amazing what I am embracing these days.

Happy Sunday!

Jumat, 25 Februari 2011


Something pretty - courtesy Arden Stephenson

Secret - it was my 44th birthday the week before last. James reckons I don't look a day older than 33... and that's with my beetroot running face and sweat matted hair... not a particularly good look. He's a charmer! Thanks James (he says hi by the way and is still saying thank you to you all, with eternal gratitude). I had a spring in my step after his compliment. Please creaky body, stay 33 in spirit and not 44. As Mark Twain said, "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter".

My boys showered me in pretty presents... and... a fabulous blackjack kit, complete with a professional playing felt and chips! Oh fun! We mastered our blackjack prowess under miners lights during the flood blackouts. Shhh boys, don't tell Gran.. she would not approve of your mother teaching you how to gamble!

"There is a fountain of youth! is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age" -  Sophia Loren.

I'd be interested to hear your take on ageing. It's 5am, I feel like a chat. Is anyone awake out there? Northern Hemisphere? Oh how I wish I was not an early riser... especially on Saturdays.
My kingdom for a 'sleep in'.

Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

Extended Birthday

Scissors, paper, rock outside piano lessons!

We had no time for birthday frivolity yesterday as we headed straight to piano lessons after school and then soccer training..... so... even though it's a school morning and total madness... we are putting in a serious session on the new X Box this morning, before school. Sorry to cut and run.. I promise something pretty tomorrow. This post is living proof that I really make every post up on the spot first thing in the morning!

Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

When I Grow Up....

At Grans

"When I grow up, I want to be a little boy".  ~ Joseph Heller, Something Happened, 1974

My 'little boy' is now 13 years old. My eldest is a teenager! ..... we stand eye to eye (which isn't hard as I am a shortie). 13 years have gone in the blink of an eye.

He is a gorgeous young man... kind, compassionate, insightful, funny, eloquent, bright as a button, athletic, musical and handsome! I am so so blessed to be your Mum, my darling 'Brynley'... you are more than I ever imagined I would receive in a son. I look forward to being your Mum through everything that life throws at you. I will be there, when you need me, 'til the day I die.
I love you my beautiful boy.

Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Fair Favourites

Once again my favourite French purveyor of fine pretties did not disappoint.
Look at these gorgeous new chairs! 

Burlap with grey timber finishing. Sigh!

... and if anything is going to motivate me to build a kitchen around a piece of furniture again, it's going to be this beauty.

Look at the glass drawers. Be still heart.

... and look what's back in stock... after all this time....the stools from the kitchen in 'The House'. Yay! 

They will still need to be modified for the height of a 900 kitchen bench as they are bar stool height and not kitchen bench height. I think my chippie cut about 10cm off the bottom of all of mine. They stayed with the house. I miss them so. Oh how I wish I currently had a kitchen bench.... just for these stools. Yay. Again.

.... and look at this gorgeous chaise.

... the detail... and in French Grey. Sigh.

All available through Cape Cod Designs HERE.
PS. New Zealand - my heart is breaking for you :(

Senin, 21 Februari 2011

Sort Of Working

Union Jacks are everywhere, cushions, linen..... as far as the eye can see. Everyone is copying everyone.
Image Courtesy Red Online

Well I don't know if I have really gotten much work done over the past 2 days but I have had a ball catching up with everyone down here.

After a challenging few months personally, it feels great to be actually interested in all this 'stuff' again. I walked for 6 hours yesterday and talked for the other 3... lolling on suppliers display beds and sofas discussing everything from people's house build horror stories to inner child counsellors in Melbourne and just life in general....actually everything not related to work and earning an income....oops.

I blame my friends who travelled down with me. They have a jewellery business and were too much of a distraction, phoning me every 5 minutes to meet up with them. I wanted to stay put in homewares but they wanted to play bling. We just had heaps of fun, laughed and carried on. They were only down for 2 days. They've gone now so I can get some work done. They don't know about my blog so I am safe in saying "girls, now I can finally be productive!" I'm off to drool over my beloved Villa Maison today and hopefully pick up some pretties for a few projects I have on at the moment.

Most importantly, I miss my boys 24/7. Big son texted me last night with a sweet, "nigh - night Mum, I love you, sweet dreams". Sigh. It's so nice to have a break but I love them to bits.

Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Told You

.. couldn't help myself. Actioned an order within 5 milliseconds of stepping off the plane. I'm such a sucker for a good light. How good would this look in a Great Room... stone fireplace, high ceilings, bookcases, piano....hmmm, or in a stairwell! HERE.

Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

I Wish You All Could Have Won

Image Courtesy KnitStorm Etsy - isn't this the cutest!

Yay, it's Saturday! Tea is brewing and we're all feeling better... thanks to your well wishes and wonderful remedies. It appears that the best thing for my cough was fretting over my sick little darling.... who is now bouncing around like a little flea... a skinny flea. He is now eating like there is no tomorrow so I hope those little ribs aren't sticking out for too much longer. 

Good news and 'semi not so good but not tragic' news.....

Good news: winners have been drawn for my giveaway. I received over 200 entries via comments and emails and I so enjoyed reading all about you and meeting some of you for the first time. I wish I could package up 200+ little packages and send you all something. 

'Sort of not so good 'news: prizes will not be retrieved from shed and posted until I get back from the trade fair later on this week. I am heading off tomorrow and the thought of battling that shed today is just too much after the week we have had.

Winners drawn by barrel boys:

Starfish Napkin Rings: Lori R, in the US.
Starfish NapkinR ings: Snappy Di, also in the US!
French Clock Door Knobs: Tricia Rose, Cabin On The Water
French Clock Door Knobs: Amanda, Homely One (found another set)
Cake Stand: Anne-Marie, I kid you not... we screamed when we pulled your name out A-Mi!
Beads: Andrea, Fabric Epiphanies
Beads: Sara, via email, Canada!
Beads: Sharyne, Golden Valley 50

Can you lovely winners please email me with your postal details at: and I will endeavour to battle the shed next week and send off your goodies!

Thank you everyone for stopping by and commenting, introducing yourselves and overwhelming me with your beautiful words of support and encouragement. I would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to leave me comments each and every day. They warm my heart. I only wish I had more time in the day to visit you back and comment more frequently on your blogs. Please know that I cherish the time you take out of your day to make contact with me in your comments and emails.

So I'm off to the trade fair for a few days. I might take the time to take a bloggy break... famous last words... most likely I will get all excited about something and have to tell you. Who knows? 

Looking forward to some 'me time' but missing my boys already and I haven't even walked out the door :(

Have a great weekend!

Kamis, 17 Februari 2011


Remember this? I posted this picture of my little one, almost 2 years ago now, just after we had moved into the house. He had been in bed, crook for days. He finally got up and about and I found him there, sitting enjoying the sunset.

That's how long it has been since he has been sick! ... almost 2 years. We've had a rough couple of days. I have literally cried with the discomfort and fear he has experienced. He has not been out of my arms. Oh motherhood hurts sometimes. He rallied yesterday afternoon and the relief I felt was overwhelming. He's still just as tiny as that photo and oh so skinny. So skinny :(

Hopefully he will feel well enough tonight to be my barrel boy and draw the winners of my giveaway.
You can still enter. It's a few posts down... the 'shed' post.

I think I am glad it is Friday!

Rabu, 16 Februari 2011

In This Home.....

Via SweetHomeStyle. Tumblr

Amen.....especially the 'loud' bit...and the 'real' bit.... and the hugs!

Well actually, right at the moment, in this home, we're all crook. Little one is out for the count and will be spending another day home from school today with the most shocking fevers and headaches... oh how I despair when my babies get sick.... and me? ... fevers too.... and that damn cough.... where did it come from?... this time every year .... and I haven't even been on a plane yet!

Maybe if I chant, "I'm an athlete, I'm an athlete", it will go away fast. 

Any home remedy tips for a dry, unproductive, persistent cough? 

I know it's a virus, which then becomes pneumonia.. but I am willing to try a 'non controlled', 'non placebo-ed', 'non randomised', 'non multi-centred', 'non blind' remedy as the statistically significant, medically trialled remedies just don't work.... oh except hospital... but that usually happens in June... and it's all rather dramatic.

C'mon, I gotta kick this, I have 2 kids to boss around :)
A-M xx