Kamis, 17 Februari 2011


Remember this? I posted this picture of my little one, almost 2 years ago now, just after we had moved into the house. He had been in bed, crook for days. He finally got up and about and I found him there, sitting enjoying the sunset.

That's how long it has been since he has been sick! ... almost 2 years. We've had a rough couple of days. I have literally cried with the discomfort and fear he has experienced. He has not been out of my arms. Oh motherhood hurts sometimes. He rallied yesterday afternoon and the relief I felt was overwhelming. He's still just as tiny as that photo and oh so skinny. So skinny :(

Hopefully he will feel well enough tonight to be my barrel boy and draw the winners of my giveaway.
You can still enter. It's a few posts down... the 'shed' post.

I think I am glad it is Friday!

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