Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

I Wish You All Could Have Won

Image Courtesy KnitStorm Etsy - isn't this the cutest!

Yay, it's Saturday! Tea is brewing and we're all feeling better... thanks to your well wishes and wonderful remedies. It appears that the best thing for my cough was fretting over my sick little darling.... who is now bouncing around like a little flea... a skinny flea. He is now eating like there is no tomorrow so I hope those little ribs aren't sticking out for too much longer. 

Good news and 'semi not so good but not tragic' news.....

Good news: winners have been drawn for my giveaway. I received over 200 entries via comments and emails and I so enjoyed reading all about you and meeting some of you for the first time. I wish I could package up 200+ little packages and send you all something. 

'Sort of not so good 'news: prizes will not be retrieved from shed and posted until I get back from the trade fair later on this week. I am heading off tomorrow and the thought of battling that shed today is just too much after the week we have had.

Winners drawn by barrel boys:

Starfish Napkin Rings: Lori R, in the US.
Starfish NapkinR ings: Snappy Di, also in the US!
French Clock Door Knobs: Tricia Rose, Cabin On The Water
French Clock Door Knobs: Amanda, Homely One (found another set)
Cake Stand: Anne-Marie, I kid you not... we screamed when we pulled your name out A-Mi!
Beads: Andrea, Fabric Epiphanies
Beads: Sara, via email, Canada!
Beads: Sharyne, Golden Valley 50

Can you lovely winners please email me with your postal details at: a-m@capecoddesigns.com.au and I will endeavour to battle the shed next week and send off your goodies!

Thank you everyone for stopping by and commenting, introducing yourselves and overwhelming me with your beautiful words of support and encouragement. I would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to leave me comments each and every day. They warm my heart. I only wish I had more time in the day to visit you back and comment more frequently on your blogs. Please know that I cherish the time you take out of your day to make contact with me in your comments and emails.

So I'm off to the trade fair for a few days. I might take the time to take a bloggy break... famous last words... most likely I will get all excited about something and have to tell you. Who knows? 

Looking forward to some 'me time' but missing my boys already and I haven't even walked out the door :(

Have a great weekend!

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