Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

Unsettling Times

Just settled into our new digs and it is up for sale.... had 2 weeks to breathe out, then a flood. I haven't even mentally settled in yet..... or established a routine.

The developers firstly requested access 'whenever' ....between 10am and 4pm....for 'walk ins' off the street, then when I put up a fight, they said, "ok, well how about 11am to 12pm each day?

I don't know, but in my current 'less than stoic' state, I know I will not cope well with this.... daily. I need a haven. I so need a haven that is mine, where I know that I won't be receiving unexpected visitors at the drop of a hat. I want to be able to have a mess if I want to and something in the slow cooker for my boys dinner, complete with kitchen mess.

What should I do? Do I have an out here? Can I leave and look for somewhere else without penalty?

We are also on limited airconditioning, lifts, security as least until the end of February?... with no reduction on rent for this. Do I have an out? Any RTA personnel out there in bloggy blog land?

With unrest at my doorstep once again, I fled to the gorgeousness of the city botanic gardens with my little tacker, early this morning. He was in his element. I swear he would have said, "Mum, look at THIS water dragon", a million times. True. We watched a mother duck and her ducklings get swept over a waterfall and little wrens playing in the bushes. It was magical.

On arriving home, taking a leaf out of Faux Fuchsia's book of "how to cope in unsettling times", I decided the best remedy for unrest was to cook up a storm. I had nothing to declutter so cooking was the next best thing. I now have the most aromatic spicy chicken in coconut sauce thingy in the slow cooker.

Feeling better.... as I made it with love.

Big son is on a sleep over so we're off to retrieve him now, just a little bit earlier than planned.... as me and the tacker?......we're pining.

P.S Woman's Weekly Slow Cooker Recipe Book - page 98. Worth buying the whole book for. Promise.

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