Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

So I Went To The Shed.....

... and had a big sort and a big 'potter'. I had lots of energy as I had just done my run. I moved heaven and earth and then collapsed in a heap mid morning. Thank goodness for my Nespresso machine.

So I was thinking that I need a bit glamour around here...... and I also need to give a little something back to you. You don't know how much you give to me. Behind the scenes, this little bloggy of mine just feeds my soul. 

Soooooo..... this is a 'Giveaway'! I know. It's been a long time between drinks/giveaways.

I rummaged around and found some pretties from Villa Maison amongst my stock pile. My favourites. All you have to do to be in the draw for any of these pretties is to leave me a comment, that's it. Just introduce yourself. Oh and you might like to mention which one of my goodies takes your fancy. It would be nice to match up a winner with something they actually like. 

Entries welcome to 'non followers', 'lurkers', 'sporadic readers', 'random browsers', my 'hard core regulars'.... and heck, even those who have left 'this place' due to all the mud and drama. Would love to meet you if I haven't already.

So here are the goodies:

A set of 4 silver metal, starfish napkin rings.
Bit blurry sorry - iphone and shaky hands from lifting boxes.

Set of 4 ceramic knobs - how gorgeous would these look on a kitchen dresser!
I'm impressed with my styling here.. except for the plastic on the chair arms.

A beautiful silver, French cake stand - I have one in my bathroom with all my perfumes sitting on it.
Stole that idea from Katrina.

A beautiful clear crystal beaded long necklace - double knots between beads.
My wardrobe staple.
From Creatively Active Minds (I sort of miss selling jewellery... their severely gorgeous trade displays used to make me faint with excitement)

Ok, so entries open until say Friday next week. 18th February. Will get my barrel boys to do the draw thing on Friday night and announce that weekend. We will draw a winner for each item. Yay.

Good luck!

8.20am Addendum: My heart is breaking already as I want to give you all something. Just between you and me, I have 3 of those gorgeous necklaces to give away. As my brothers say to me all the time, "shirt off my back".... and loving it.

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