Rabu, 16 Februari 2011

In This Home.....

Via SweetHomeStyle. Tumblr

Amen.....especially the 'loud' bit...and the 'real' bit.... and the hugs!

Well actually, right at the moment, in this home, we're all crook. Little one is out for the count and will be spending another day home from school today with the most shocking fevers and headaches... oh how I despair when my babies get sick.... and me? ... fevers too.... and that damn cough.... where did it come from?... this time every year .... and I haven't even been on a plane yet!

Maybe if I chant, "I'm an athlete, I'm an athlete", it will go away fast. 

Any home remedy tips for a dry, unproductive, persistent cough? 

I know it's a virus, which then becomes pneumonia.. but I am willing to try a 'non controlled', 'non placebo-ed', 'non randomised', 'non multi-centred', 'non blind' remedy as the statistically significant, medically trialled remedies just don't work.... oh except hospital... but that usually happens in June... and it's all rather dramatic.

C'mon, I gotta kick this, I have 2 kids to boss around :)
A-M xx

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