Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Fair Favourites

Once again my favourite French purveyor of fine pretties did not disappoint.
Look at these gorgeous new chairs! 

Burlap with grey timber finishing. Sigh!

... and if anything is going to motivate me to build a kitchen around a piece of furniture again, it's going to be this beauty.

Look at the glass drawers. Be still heart.

... and look what's back in stock... after all this time....the stools from the kitchen in 'The House'. Yay! 

They will still need to be modified for the height of a 900 kitchen bench as they are bar stool height and not kitchen bench height. I think my chippie cut about 10cm off the bottom of all of mine. They stayed with the house. I miss them so. Oh how I wish I currently had a kitchen bench.... just for these stools. Yay. Again.

.... and look at this gorgeous chaise.

... the detail... and in French Grey. Sigh.

All available through Cape Cod Designs HERE.
PS. New Zealand - my heart is breaking for you :(

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