Senin, 07 Februari 2011

New Things

Little one came home from school yesterday clutching a tiny violin. He's learning violin this year, with all his little friends, as part of the school strings program.

"I know you sort of know how to play Mum but I can ONLY learn off my teacher, no-one else".

Right. Got it.

He's a bit frustrated as they don't get their bows until next term..... so they are only plucking the strings at this stage. They haven't learnt anything yet, just how to hold it and pluck any string... but that hasn't stopped him furiously practising every moment he can.

Heading out the door last night, he had his violin with him. "Sweetheart, why have you got your violin, your lesson isn't until next Monday?". "Muuum, I have to practise". Big brother looked at me and smiled the biggest smile, which I knew meant, "isn't he gorgeous Mum!"

.... oh my heart.

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