Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

Sunday Morning

Thought I'd take you on my walk with me this morning (I walk on the weekends... more serene, not as fierce) to see how our suburb is progressing after the floods.

Beautiful Orleigh Park is on the mend. The river went up way over those light posts.
It is still hard to fathom the volume of water that went through this place.

You might want to listen to this, while you walk with me.
The original TOTP 1978 version.
My big boy is learning this on the piano.
Gives me goosebumps hearing him play it.

West End Ferry Terminal and Bus Depot. The damage was so unbelievable.
The water exposed all the old tram tracks (from the 1960's, buried under the road) and completely washed the road away.

The twisted wreckage which was the ferry pontoon.....

.... has been removed. The ferries just cruise past now. No stopping here.

This is where James used to sell the 'Big Issue' for a living. 
The whole terminal was completely submerged and is still full of mud and sludge....

... and the river made it's way up to the second level of those yellow apartments in the background. 
They are deserted now.

Still reminders... every street, people are still hauling out damaged fittings....

.... and stuff...

.... or selling up their riverfront properties.

Still grateful....

... and working out ways to still be in business.

Life goes on.. but it takes time. 

Everything is on the mend though..... including me :)

Speaking of mending... I am off to a personal development workshop today.
Yep, a total PD junkie now... like a reformed smoker I guess. 

It's amazing what I am embracing these days.

Happy Sunday!

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