Selasa, 08 Februari 2011

What I Get Up To In The Mornings

Yeah, I know. Festering. I really need to up the glamour here.
Too much 'flood mud'.
I have a great idea for tomorrow's post. 
Glamour - I promise.

I'm a bit out of sync with my early morning blog posts at the moment. I'll tell you why.

I have taken up running. Yes. Once the boys are off to school, I am running my heart out. It's good. It gives me an opportunity to be 'fierce'. It feels good to start the day sort of 'physically spent'.

I downloaded the C25K (Couch to 5 K) app for my iphone. Started it last week. Last week, I didn't really like the bits where he said, "run" but this week, I keep running even when he says "walk". I make the most of the energetic moments...... where I feel like I could run forever.

I think the key for me is the music I run to. Upbeat, energetic tunes for the running bits (Pet Shop Boys, Crazy P, Pink) and 'soothing and comforting' (FF, 2010) crooners music (Michael Buble, Rod Stewart American Songbook - love it), and a bit of 'Mumford and Sons', for the walking up hills bits .

So I have just done my run, the endorphins are kicking in and I'm spent. It's good.

Life is good.

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