Senin, 21 Februari 2011

Sort Of Working

Union Jacks are everywhere, cushions, linen..... as far as the eye can see. Everyone is copying everyone.
Image Courtesy Red Online

Well I don't know if I have really gotten much work done over the past 2 days but I have had a ball catching up with everyone down here.

After a challenging few months personally, it feels great to be actually interested in all this 'stuff' again. I walked for 6 hours yesterday and talked for the other 3... lolling on suppliers display beds and sofas discussing everything from people's house build horror stories to inner child counsellors in Melbourne and just life in general....actually everything not related to work and earning an income....oops.

I blame my friends who travelled down with me. They have a jewellery business and were too much of a distraction, phoning me every 5 minutes to meet up with them. I wanted to stay put in homewares but they wanted to play bling. We just had heaps of fun, laughed and carried on. They were only down for 2 days. They've gone now so I can get some work done. They don't know about my blog so I am safe in saying "girls, now I can finally be productive!" I'm off to drool over my beloved Villa Maison today and hopefully pick up some pretties for a few projects I have on at the moment.

Most importantly, I miss my boys 24/7. Big son texted me last night with a sweet, "nigh - night Mum, I love you, sweet dreams". Sigh. It's so nice to have a break but I love them to bits.

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