Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

Local Talent

Ok, so I was starting to fancy myself as a bit of an 'athlete', with this whole 'morning running thing'.... and then.... bam... head cold and fever. Damn it. Not to be broken, I still went for a walk yesterday morning though..... headed in the opposite direction for a change.... and I am so glad I did... as I met 'Bill'.

I had to stop and compliment him on his attention to detail... see the little bottle of flowers on the table?

It's all in the detail.

There he was, sketching away, on the riverbank, surrounded by flood carnage, his life's belongings neatly stacked in his shopping trolley and a little bottle of flowers elegantly displayed alongside his artist's tools. Some beauty amongst all the brown which was the flood. We got chatting about the flood, the view, his landscapes and the meaning of life.... as you do.

Aren't they lovely! He offered me one. I couldn't take one. He was too generous.

I said I would ask you if I should. Should I accept one?

He's very talented. He almost makes the view of Toowong, over the river, look a bit 'French' with his style. I suggested he head on up to our local florist (who sells local artwork) to market his talent. He took notes.....wrote down everything I said to him..... even my new mantra....."trust life".

Bill's subject - the real Toowong, viewed from the muddy, recently repaired (look new rocks!) banks of West End.

So nice to meet you Bill :)

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