Minggu, 27 Februari 2011

Good Things

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Ok, so I am all fired up after my workshop yesterday.

First thing I did, when I walked in the door, was sit my boys down and say, "please tell me now if there is anything that I am doing as a mother that you feel would lead you to need therapy when you're beautiful young men". Big one took it seriously and launched into a dialogue of how I am a great Mum as I let him go to the last school dance (where 6 girls kissed him... I know.. so forward... "but Mum they kissed me"... 13 years of age.. I was still playing with Barbies and boys had severe germs when I was 13). Little one just looked at me and blinked. This is the one who took great offence at me stating "I don't know anything" when helping big one with his homework the other day.. "but Mum, you know EVERYTHING". Good, he's still in the 'Mum can do no wrong stage'. Big one thinks I'm cool... so we're travelling well.

It was so good to get back to basics and also surround myself with beautiful people who also want to grow and love more. It was good... I cried buckets, not just for me but for the pain that others have had to endure in their lives. Oh, the destructive behaviours passed down from generation to generation. We all have so much in common, us humans. We are not alone in our problems or fears. I came out into the sunshine yesterday feeling strong.... and grateful.

So this morning, inspired by Martha's concept of a "Good Things" list (although hers is all about stuffed turkey burgers and dishwashing liquid bottles)...  I felt compelled to create a list of 10 good things in my life. Just off the top of my head... this is what came to mind. Would love to hear yours too!

A-M's List of Good Things

My boys
My family and friends
Good health
A hot shower
A warm bed
Cold water to quench a thirst
A view
Being needed

Happy Monday!

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